As a column of thick smoke swallows the dancefloor, the flicker of the strobe briefly illuminates the room. Hundreds of sweaty silhouettes pack together, each and every one with their hands raised in the air. Then, before you know what’s happened, a sledgehammer of bass and bleeps slams into your chest and you’re swept away into a sea of ravers. Welcome to Beats of Rage.

Welcome to BEATS of RAGE.
Literally the BEST DIRTY RAVE-UP in the whole of the North West, which built its reputation by clawing up through police-raided house parties, club closures and all sorts of nonsense… it’s all sweat, frolics and basslines in the rave pit that is Beats of Rage, gaining two-thumbs-up from some awesome DJs and live acts along the way…

“Massive party vibe!” – Jack Beats
“An ass-rockin haven in the middle of grim.” – Drums of Death
“I’m not going back to Preston, they’re too mental.” – Foamo (Gorgon City)
“They’re actually decent DJs.” – Boy 8-Bit
“Wow.” – Justin Robertson

Preston’s original grimy electro & chunky house shakedown, Beats of Rage throws the rulebook out the window, which then hits you in the face, knocking you clean off your bike. Sorry. Get your glad-rags on and come out for a good old-fashioned rave-up, with some right-up-to-the-minute filthy dance music.

Previous guests behind the Beats of Rage DJ booth include Justin Robertson, Boy 8-Bit, Toddla T, Foamo, Mr Flash, Jack Beats, Jaymo & Andy George, Drums of Death, Hostage, Felix Cartal, Jokers of The Scene, Zombie Disco Squad & many more.

The Beats of Rage sound is an electronic melting pot… from cutting-edge techno to off-kilter house & electro to whatever else the Beats of Rage DJ Team can throw into the mix. Beats & bass & sweat & style & moves & grooves & dark corners & girls & boys & …whatever.

Recently at Beats of Rage, instead of spending our precious pounds on booking our favourite DJs & producers like in previous years, we decided to focus on the music we love. So now, it’s all about the party, the music, and nothing else. This has been liberating! We’ve been digging and searching, playing our favourite tunes & finding new music all the time. Back to what it’s all about.

So, at our next party expect to hear new music from people like Blawan, Tiga, Canblaster, Gesaffelstein, Boddika, etc… as well as classic cuts from Switch, Mr Oizo, Crookers, Soulwax, Claude Von Stroke, Boy 8-Bit, Boys Noize, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers & all the other Beats of Rage favourites. If you’ve got any requests, feel free to post them on our wall. We like to see your smiling faces when we get it right, and we love to experiment & try out new stuff that we know you’ll appreciate.