Hindle’s Best of the Best of 2015

BoR resident Hindle runs through ten of his favourite tracks released this year.


Artist Review: Heretic

Our resident DJ Hindle shares his love for the sounds of Heretic.


Richie Hawtin flattens annoying fan with monitor speaker

Minimal-techno pioneer Richie Hawtin “accidentally” pushed a monitor speaker on a fan filming him on her iPhone at Time Warp in NYC. Watch the video and read Hawtin’s apology here.


FPT TRON Beats of Rage afterparty selections

Ahead of the Future Preston Tours Tron screening and afterparty on 29th Nov (hosted by Beats of Rage!) check out our man Hindle’s tasty selection of 80’s originals, computerised sounds and chuggy edits to get you into the groove.

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Baby Ford “Normal” (Heston Flora Remix by AFX)

Image//Sensiseeds Here is a face crumpling remix from the year of my birth, 1990. Its one of the great records that we hardly ever manage to sneak into one of our sets for a few reasons. A) because, like most Aphex Twin records, it goes a bit too weird and B) It can bastard to […]


Xosar Live on Beats in Space

What a recording this is. I really like live shit like Legowelt, Ceephax Acid Crew, SMD etc. Doesn”t really matter what style it is (to a certain extent), it’s just that bit more interesting than seeing someone stood behind a pair of CDJs beat-matching for a few grand.


Roman Flugel ‘Iron Curtain’

So here is my first ever record of the week! Iron Curtain is taken from the Desperate Housemen EP and it was released on Live at Robert Johnson in back in 2011. I first heard Legowelt play this track on and Legowelt Beats in Space” and since then its not spent much time off my turntable. The other track on the A side, “Dishes and Wishes” is definitely worth a listen as well. Proper Good.