Bail Mixes Variations #3

Let this grotty mix of gurning club bangers kick your winter blues into touch.


Top Ten Records from the First Half(ish) of 2016

Shoegaze, techno, EBM, electro, synthwave, ambient and darkwave are all represented as Bail shares some of his favourite tracks from the year thus far…

T.F.Wizard at Beats of Rage 8th Birthday

T.F.Wizard’s 2015 Dancefloor Smashers

Photo: T.F.Wizard at Beats of Rage 8th Birthday in 2015 Credit: Andrew Croasdale “Beats of Rage how you feeeliiiiinnnn??” – I continued the habit of slurring that over the mic at every Beats of Rage this year. Soz. Anyway how ARE you feeling? You’ll be feeling better after these lot. This is my 2015 chart, […]


Hypnotic Groove’s Best of 2015

We got in touch with Hypnotic Groove’s Andrea Mackintosh and Johnny Wilson to find out which tunes have been doing it for them this year.

polypores live BoR image

Polypores’ Best of 2015

After a tremendous live set at our last party, we got in touch with Stephen Buckley AKA Polypores to get the lowdown on his favourite records of the year.

dirty snaps

Bail’s Best of 2015

From grubby dub techno to angelic shoegaze, via industrial bludgeonings and S&M inspired EBM, Bail runs through his favourite records of 2015.


MVRCK’s 2015 chart

Here’s ten tracks that have been scratching MVRCK’s ears off in 2015.


Hindle’s Best of the Best of 2015

BoR resident Hindle runs through ten of his favourite tracks released this year.

top ten

The Ten Best Tracks of 2015… So Far

Bail runs through his ten favourite tracks of 2015… so far.


Artist Review: Heretic

Our resident DJ Hindle shares his love for the sounds of Heretic.


Marco Bernardi drops two part EP on Barba Records

We review Marco Bernardi’s weird and wonderful two part EP ‘Laffer’ on Croatian imprint Barba.

DJ Spider

DJ Spider releases ‘Upon The Gates of the Great Depth’

Mike Warburton gets his ears around DJ Spider’s fantastic new LP ‘Upon The Gates Of The Great Depth’.


11 Alternative Political Campaign Slogans As Tunes

Beats of Rage does politics? Nargggh?!! David Cameron launched the ‘Good Life’ manifesto this week, so here are some other great tunes for good/bad campaign ideas for all them political people.


Chris Mitchell ‘Feng Shui Flow’

Better late than never, Bail reviews Chris Mitchell’s sublime Feng Shui Flow EP.


Museum release ‘Contraptions Part 1’

Dutch techno heads Jeroen Liebregts (AKA Radial) and Anton Pieete link up for their first EP in seven years under the Museum alias, and it’s a beaut.


Bail’s January and February Juno Chart

Bail lets us in on what records have been floating his boat so far this year.

mvrck 2014 fave beats

MVRCK’s best beats from 2014

BORdotnet’s MVRCK gets his head around 2014 with ten of the best tracks of the year.


Bail’s Best Of 2014

Resident disc jockey Bail gets our ‘Best of 2014’ charts underway with his top tracks, EPs, albums and record labels of 2014.


Antics: T.F.Wizard selections

Antics is back at The Ferret in Preston on Saturday 6th December, Beats of Rage resident T.F.Wizard is on DJ duty. Get right in the mood with these selections…


FPT TRON Beats of Rage afterparty selections

Ahead of the Future Preston Tours Tron screening and afterparty on 29th Nov (hosted by Beats of Rage!) check out our man Hindle’s tasty selection of 80’s originals, computerised sounds and chuggy edits to get you into the groove.