Afrojack Makes A Telling Statement About Ibiza’s Expensive Clubbing Scene

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Whatever your thoughts are on the engorged, grandiose world of EDM, you must agree that the genre’s ‘superstars’  make it almost impossible not to hate them.

Aside from the many characters (read Steve Angello and Avicii’s telling comments here) that have come out recently bemoaning EDM’s growing lack of creativity, which incidentally they don’t seem to be doing much about – a thing that has become increasingly disgusting is how the money-making, business end of things has evolved as the genre’s prime objective, whilst the DJs continue to lead us on a merry dance about how ‘it’s all about the music’.

The latest darling of EDM to reveal his complete lack of perspective is ‘one of most notable and iconic names in electronic dance music today’ – Afrojack (pictured above, ejaculating into a pile of money). You’ve probably read the piece (head here for that). In it, he, alongside British veteran Paul Oakenfold and a number of other leading Ibizan players complain that the island has become too expensive of late.


This is what Afrojack had to say:

“The whole magic you used to have on Ibiza is not possible any more because a ticket is 75 euros (£60). “I go to Mykonos, play exactly the same thing and you buy a 10 euro (£7.90) ticket. They are too focused on the VIP.”

What is noteworthy though is the comment he made before that statement – “I’m playing in Ibiza this year, only because they pay well,” he said,  eyes bulging at the thought of future riches (or at least that’s how he says it in my head).

Hmmm. Just read that back to yourself Mr Jack, if indeed that is your real name. The entire statement smacks of a DJ who’s comprehensively lost sight of reality. How he thinks he can rightly comment on Ibiza’s greedy business policy, when it’s DJs like him that are, in part anyway, facilitating that very same exploitation, repeatedly taking advantage of Ibizan ravers who simply don’t know any better, is just baffling.

Take a long hard look at yourself Afrojack, and stop trying to make out that you even remotely care about things like inflated Ibizan prices. We’re not having it, you utter pillock.

Source: BBC News