Xosar Live on Beats in Space


What a recording this is. I really like live shit like Legowelt, Ceephax Acid Crew, SMD etc. Doesn”t really matter what style it is (to a certain extent), it’s just that bit more interesting than seeing someone stood behind a pair of CDJs beat-matching for a few grand. Earn your money lads! Anyway, this is the lovely Xosar doing an intense live show on Beats in Space, followed by a decent mix from the one and only Legowelt.

Xosar is the shit as well! I love it that she’s not arsed about the posey, bad haircut, shit vest toss like all those deep house tarts. She’d rather be in the studio with geeks, bashing away at a Korg. Keeping it analogue and gritty. There’s some great tracks in here. Proper trippy.