Artist Review: Heretic

Photo: Greg Holland

Seriously, Heretic has¬†easily been my favourite, underrated DJ/producer for the past few months. I know you can’t completely rely on social media to gauge how popular or well known people are, but how this guy has less than 700 followers on Facebook really boggles my tiny little mind.

First of all, give this a listen. It’s featured on the latest Beats of Rage Mix Series by Leyland Traxxx (me and my good buddy Mike)

Honestly, how good is that? Ticks all the boxes for me. The London based producer has had releases on some pretty top labels including Days of Being Wild, Abode, and one of my favourite labels at the minute, Relish Records, of which he has done a well decent podcast for which you can check out here.

Another Track that I play at our club nights is this one. Proper stonker.

So yeah. Listen to Heretic. Buy his records. Get into it. You never know, he could be a potential guest for one of our future events. I’ll leave you with his latest remix. Cheers.