Bail Mixes Variations #3

Photo: Malgorzata Walkowska

It’s been a fair old while since our last activity, but feeling refreshed and reinvigorated following a few months kickin’ back and relaxin’ (marryin’, nappy changin’ and fishin’) we thought it high time we arose from winter hibernation and got back to business, starting with this mix.

Opening with a haunting vocal cut from Fonal Records boss EsVariations #3 heads into tripped out, jaw-clenching brutality almost instantly, with moments of picturesque pleasantness dotted throughout the mix offering brief respite.

Alongside regular favourites like Silent Servant, Fishermen, Violet Poison, Timothy J Fairplay (have you heard his new album? Jeeeeezus) and Alessandro Adriani, the mix features fresh tracks from Polypores‘ evil, acid munching alter ego Tulketh; the visceral ambient techno of Concrete and Emotion Wave favourite Impulse Array; and two new tracks from myself under the Bail and Barium Network aliases, set for release on Love Dose Records and Hypnotic Groove Records in the next few weeks. More on that later…

Expect beastly selections of techno, acid, EBM and synthwave during an hour and forty minutes of gurning club music that’ll get you right in the mood for forthcoming Beats of Rage parties. Tuck in.


Es – Surullisille, Onnettomille… (Fonal)
Nathan Fake featuring Prurient – Degreelessness (Ninja Tune)
Voiski – With Someone Else (Russian Torrent Versions)
Tulketh – Tox (Still Heat)
Fishermen – Feist (SELF)
Yourhighness – Hades (Rett I Fletta)
Positive Centre – Angular Beautifault (Leyla)
Varg – No Knowledge Of Sorrow Or Regret (Abdulla Rashim Remix) (Semantica)
Vatican Shadow – Remember Your Black Day (Hospital Productions)
Impulse Array – Dome Argus -93.2C (Self Released)
400ppm – Lender Of Last Resort (Avian)
L.S.G. – Jillanty (Club Mix 2) (Superstition)
Bail – Plume (Forthcoming Love Dose)
Ctrls – User (Token)
Barium Network – Anxiety, Always (Forthcoming Hypnotic Groove)
Lockertmatik – Interlock 4 (MORD)
Tinfoil – Leave Your Body (Tinfoil)
G String – Seductive Games (Pinkman Broken Dreams)
Timothy J Fairplay – RZ Runners (Charlois)
Jasss – Minotauro (Mannequin)
Vault – XXIX (In The Dark Again)
Violet Poison – Onslaught (She Lost Control)
Alessandro Adriani – You’ll Simply Never Understand The True Meaning Of Sacrifice (Pinkman Broken Dreams)
Tulketh – Winer (Still Heat)
2AM/FM – The Ace Of Spades (Spectral Sound)
DJ Nephil – Conflict (Gravitational Waves)
Silent Servant – Run (Elektron Grammafon)
Zanias – Follow The Body (Noiztank)

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