Bail’s Best of 2015

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In line with my colleagues and pals Hindle and MVRCK, I decided to wade in with my end of year besties. From grubby dub techno to angelic shoegaze, via industrial bludgeonings and S&M inspired EBM, it’s been a vintage year for quality music.

I’ll be playing a DJ set alongside BoR main man TF Wizard, live acid dynamo PRTYDSTRYR, and live techno/electro/heavy shit masters This Machine at Concrete on Sunday 27th December. Expect a right jaunty selection of bangers, so come on down and end the year with some bloody great music. Check out the event page on FB here.

Much love for Chrimbo and Happy New Year x

Top Ten Tracks


Mono Junk ‘Little Elephant’ (Skudge White)

Slugbug ‘Night Dreams’ (Russian Torrent Versions)

Julia Holter ‘Feel You’ (Domino)

BOAN ‘Mentiras’ (HoloDeck)

Antoine Rouge ‘Dodging The Steamroller’ (Centurians of Rome)

Stanislav Tolkachev ‘That’s Where The Dog Is Buried’ (M_Rec Ltd)

1800HaightStreet ‘Heldled’ (Mork)

Snow Bone ‘Protoplanetary’ (Lobster Theremin)

Ancient Methods ‘This Is All I Could Do’ (Hands Production)

Not Waving ‘Get Serious’ (Diagonal)

Top Ten EPs


Polypores Lessons (Self Released)

Tropic of Cancer Stop Suffering (Blackest Ever Black)

Celldod Pulsdisco (Suction)

Joey Anderson 1974 (Dekmantel)

Alexey Volkov Jealous God 7 (Jealous God)

Legowelt Tondalayo (Riverette)

Marco Bernardi Laffer Part 2 (Barba)

Drvg Cvltvre Grauwvuur (Pinkman)

Tzusing A Name Out Of Place PT. II (L.I.E.S)

Timothy J Fairplay Love & Columbium (Charlois)

Top Ten Albums


Helen The Original Faces (Kranky)

Charles Manier American Manier (Bopside)

Regis Manbait (Blackest Ever Black)

Various The Dying Lights (Lux Recordings)

Abdulla Rashim A Shell Of Speed (Northern Electronics)

Helena Hauff Discreet Desires (Werkdiscs)

Vatican Shadow Death is Unity with God (Modern Love)

Clay Rendering Snowthorn (Hospital Productions)

Civil Duty Civil Duty (The Corner)

Amir Alexander Love & Fear (Anunnaki Cartel)

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