Bail’s January and February Juno Chart


We’re only seven weeks into the year, and yet we’ve already been treated to a ridiculous amount of outstanding releases in house, techno, bass… all the good shit. Highlights have come from MORD as always, with both Lag’s Fiend EP and Radial’s stunning Inverso Mundi again showing why the imprint is one of the finest in techno.

DJ Spider released his best work since ‘Chemical Skies’ on his and Franklin De Costa’s Genetically Modified Tracks Pt II. Daniel Avery’s latest instalment of remix 12″s is probably the best of the series, with Powell’s remix seeing the Diagonal boss continue to create music unlike anything else we’ve heard (below).

Innerspace Halflife released their most dancefloor cut in ages on ‘Custom LSE’, with Blawan’s remix of Tripeo’sAnipintiros #7′, In Aeternam Vale’s ‘Valium Water’ and ‘I Can’t Stand It Anymore’, and Marco Shuttle’s Visione album also essential. Weevil Neighbourhood were bang on the money  with Bokeh’s monolithic Peace Obscured EP, whilst our pal Cottam delivered the goods once again on Ruff Draft with some dance floor primed action from label newcomer Romansoff.

Record of the month(s) though has to be Arad’s terrific Haon EP on Electric Deluxe Germany (above). A real break from the norm, its breakneck tracks clock in just under 140 BPM  as it incorporates uneasy use of synths, drone like atmospherics, and eerie dub techno, sounding like a meeting between the floor focused territory of Untold  and Autechre at the turn of the century. Check out Bail’s Juno chart here.