Mono Junk ‘With You’

Photo // Metro-View

One track that I keep coming back to time and time again is Mono Junk’s insanely good ‘With You’, lifted from his latest EP for oddball Canadian imprint Forbidden Planet. I’d only been introduced to the strange and wonderful world of Mono Junk after he released on Skudge White earlier this year, and whilst most of his tracks are relentless, arpeggio heavy, gritty techno beasts, ‘With You’ is a stunning piece of sci fi inspired electro.

The simplistic, retro futurism in the production and the melodies is absolutely mesmerising, recalling the neon drenched grimy-ness of movies like Enter The Void or Blade Runner. The track might as well be called ‘Tripping balls in a rain soaked, Tokyo back street, surrounded by android hookers and flying cars.’