Chris Mitchell ‘Feng Shui Flow’

Photo: Chris Mitchell

We’re not exactly quick off the mark with this review, but sometimes really great records take a little while to reveal just how good they are.

This is certainly what’s happened with Feng Shui Flow, the latest EP from US based deep house and techno producer Chris Mitchell.

Having released one of our favourite tunes of 2014 in the shape of ‘Nibiru’ (from the Dir Gin Dialect EP), Mitchell returned to his and Amir Alexander’s glorious Vanguard Sound! imprint at the end of November to deliver three huge tracks of spiritual machine music.

With twitchy kick drums, funky synth riffs and an ominous atmosphere, the opener ‘Primordial Gravitational Waves’ is a track that creeps up on you with its mystical and pensive ambience. The oddly placed kick drums add an unusual edge to proceedings, landing somewhere in between techno and nuanced deep house, an area Mitchell is clearly a master of.

Over on the B side, Mitchell starts off on a serene tip with ‘Eurinome’. Washed out drones and a persistent cowbell give way to a stupidly good synth reprise that ebbs and flows throughout the record. Mitchell’s over-active claps and hi-hats add a nervous energy to proceedings as the track twists and turns through its seven minute duration. A real trip.

The EP closes on a ponderous note, with a bubbling, hypnotic bass arp drifting in and out of focus whilst a dreamy synth line loops over the top, lulling you into a semi conscious state. It’s a reflective ending to a monster of an EP. Head here to buy the record.