DJ Spider releases ‘Upon The Gates of the Great Depth’

Photo: DJ Spider

It’s always an event when NYC’s Plan B crew drop a new record, even more so when it’s one of the label bosses behind it.

Fresh off the back of the darkly charming, futuristic compilation Underground Sounds Volume 3, label co-owner DJ Spider unleashes his latest long player, and true to form, it’s one of the best examples of edgy, underground techno you’re likely it witness. Check out the samples below.

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From the word go, DJ Spider jumps straight in with a grizzly, sawn off kick drum, surrounded by unearthly sounds and industrial clattering, but just as the darkness sets in, the mood slowly lifts with a pensive, warbling synth that somehow invites a lightness into the dense programming.

‘My Phoenix Rise’ throws down a more club focused rhythm, with gritty background noise, resonating gongs and goodness knows what else sitting behind a stuttering synth refrain that draws to a premature close. But just as you’re easing in, things take a terrifying turn when the appropriately named ‘High Level Violence’ sweeps in, with redlining, caustic sounds corroding a way at your ear drums.

The terror remains for ‘Misanthropy’, with an eerily calm sample from the notoriously creepy HAL, renegade AI in Stanley Kubrick’s classic 2001 : A Space Odyssey. The computer waxes lyrical about human error in amongst sounds wouldn’t be out of place in a factory plant, whilst a chunky as hell bassline punctuates the panoramic dread.

‘New World Resistance’ sees Spider at his most emotive, with conspiracy theories and political musings riding on top of a dank, earthy tribal beat. Truth seekers will connect with its exposing of secret societies, The Bilderberg Group, former president George Bush and the plot to end the USA as we know it, leading us head first into a dystopian future. The music couldn’t be more fitting.

Spider then lifts the mood once more with ‘Mysterious Structures On Mars’, a track that combines overhead electric static with delicious chords, marrying deep house with techno before the out and out banger ‘Mysterious Structures On The Moon’ sets in. Employing an unusual, oscillating bassline that whips left to right, the track builds and builds momentum, launching into a full throttle techno assault at the halfway point and leaving in its wake one of our favourite moments of the album, alongside the ferociously engaging ‘Tribal Mechanism’ at the tail end.

As in 2009’s Nemesis Rising, there’s plenty of range on show throughout the album. The outstanding sci fi meets creepy jazz in ‘Dystopia’ and the strung out ambience of ‘Hungry Ghosts’ being two fine examples of his ability to move from uneasy, tense territory via hip hop style sampling through to blissfully whacked out, decaying atmospherics.

The rugged elements inspired by paranoia, dread, and dystopia make the whole record a very engrossing, intoxicating experience, one that takes you to worrying imagined futures whilst at the same time incites trance-like hypnosis punctuated with rare, but well judged moments of hope and beauty.

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