Marco Bernardi drops two part EP on Barba Records

It’s a bit of a fluke that we fell upon this release at all, accidentally clicking on a promo message sent to a work email account. Immediately intrigued with the black and white image of an aged sailor holding a fish that also happens to be a trumpet and the words ‘dark electro’, we knew we had to investigate further. Thank fuck we did.

Both parts of Marco Bernadi’s Laffer EP for fledgling Croatian imprint Barba are, in a few words: addictive, mood altering experiences. Landing somewhere between classic Detroit electro and rugged hardware techno, Bernardi mixes bubbling basslines with almost discordant, hyperactive synths that combine to create moments of singular dancefloor genius.

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Part One (stream above), to quote the press release ‘features abrupt changes, stabbing asymmetrical rhythms, multiple layers of sound and a darker moodier feel’, the pick of the bunch for us being the stomping, bad ass mutha ‘Porcelain Lady’, with blunt, distorted percussion and a creepy, knackered vocal snippet that buries itself deep into your brain.

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Newly released Part Two (stream above) also stars busy, chaotic melodies in ‘The Attack Of The Dessert Stormers’ but remains raw, fun and positive throughout the weirdness. ‘Two Sliders’ is a more serious, floor focused, club killer, whilst ‘There’s Always Tomorrow’ goes down a more lo fi house route that wouldn’t sound amiss on Aroy Dee’s M>O>S imprint. It’s a brilliant double header from both an artist and a label that now find themselves very much on our hit list. Head here to buy the records.