MVRCK’s best beats from 2014

I was fast running out of time to do one of them lists of the year so here we go – these are my favourite tunes from 2014. Rather than heaps of insight, it’s a stab at ten tracks, in no particular order, which have defined the year for yours truly.

The Emperor Machine – RMI Is All I Want (Erol Alkan remix)

Steam train-powered electro thunder. It’s a killer remix from Erol, who continues to make waves in 2014. If you like weird disco funk, the original (and entire EM album, which also came out this year) is pretty good as well.

Jimmy Edgar – Burn

We’re burning UP. Sounds like acid in the plumbing. Some serious heat.

Daniel Avery – Free Floating (Matt Walsh remix)

One of these lists would not be complete with the mercurial force that is Daniel Avery. Matt Walsh makes the original of Free Floating sound even better – a floaty, acidic dreamscape.

Syclops – Where’s Jason K

I first witnessed this tracks majesty at Boiler Room back in March (look closely, you might spot me and George from Cutwires). If I had a quid for every time I’ve played Where’s Jason’s K since then…

File under, Alt-Norwegian space disco – this infectious track must of left a few people at this year’s Dimensions scratching their heads. It was reportedly the most Shamazed tune of the festival. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t released in 2014 but impact and catchiness warrant its inclusion.

Joy O and Boddika – Untitled

Can this be featured? You can’t even buy it yet. But in typical Joy O & Boddika style they teased it to the world this summer and word on the vine is you’ll be able to pick it up at some point in 2015. We’re hooked.

A steamy house beat. That cowbell. Those horns…

Riton – I Am The Whisper

Have not failed to see this track go off. A real peach from the Beats of Rage 7th birthday headliner who had an action-packed 2014. Cheers Henry!

Gabriel Ananda and Maceo Plex  – Solitary Daze

German chap with really great hair (Gabriel Ananda), who maybe remembered by some heads for techno beasts Doppelwhipper and Ihre Persönliche Glücksmelodie, teamed-up with house-don Maceo Plex for one of the most interesting collabs of the year.

Solitary Daze is heaps of moody and atmospheric techno vibes, which fans of Gabriel’s Soulful Techno podcast will be familiar with. You should also check that out.

Cottam – Harsh Side Effects

Preston’s very own Cottam wins top prize for my best vinyl purchase of the year. Thank you Rough Trade East.

Caribou – Julia Brightly

A contender for DJ/producer person of the year. Cracking new album, great live show (witnessed by me at Dimensions) and a funky as balls Essential Mix rounds off a massive 2014 for Dan Snaith. This is my favourite track from fourth album Our love. Warm futuristicy garage stuff.

Hercules and Love Affair – Blind (Frankie Knuckles remix)

A relective note to end on, with 2014 seeing the sad passing of Frankie Knuckles who died aged 59 in March. Often dubbed the Godfather of House music, this remix was (in my opinion) one of his finest. Frankie, we salute you.

Hope you have a cracking New Year, and an even better 2015. See you on the dancefloor.

And, if you love lists (like us) and fancy another, why not take a gander at my mate Bail’s all-encompassing list of 2014.

Image: ESA