Techno hero Surgeon on tour with…Lady Gaga?

Erm, excuse me. What? Brummie techno overlord Surgeon has played a tour date as support for Lady Gaga. You have read that correctly, this is not a hallucination or some weird vision of the future.

This is 100% real and we are scratching our heads. This all came to our attention when Resident Advisor posted the link to an incriminating video shared on Lady Gaga’s Facebook page.

“@ladystarlightny and a Surgeon are on stage! #realDjs #playlive THIS SHIT IS SO INCREDIBLE” posts Gaga, alongside a 15 second clip. Have a watch below:

Surgeon is on stage side alongside Lady Starlight – punching something out that sounds relatively banging. 

OK – but how (and why) has one of the most respected DJs in the world of underground techno ended up supporting one of the biggest pop stars on the planet?

Is this pushing the self-destruction on credibility? Is this the product of a bucket-load of cash? The mind boggles.

Looking back at the comments gives us more ample food for thought, where there are some absolute crackers from some of Gaga’s minions. 

Vanessa Mastin wrote: “I have to disagree with Gaga and agree with the general public. This opening act was terrible. It went in for way to long and gave me a headache. By the time Gaga finally came on stage I was so upset I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I could have. Just terrible.”

Paris Christofi said: “I hate this sound>.< ANNOYING.”

These guys have it wrong. This guy has it right:

“Who the fuck is lady gaga !! Surgeon is the man,” said Dudu Parask. Yeah.

Some theories for you:

1) This is a fantastic joke on all the hoards of sheep-like spoon-fed pop fans that follow the Radio 1 playlist to the end of the earth. This is where my money is. Have some fucking techno, you cunts. 

2) It’s a fantastic ploy from Surgeon to make a ton load of cash at the expense of some shit-house tweenage crowd. That money is now being used to forge a whole new dimension of sound in a shed somewhere. We hope.

3) Surgeon has lost a bet.

There’s no evidence of any further dates on Surgeon’s website so we shall have to see – this could just be one of those really mad flash in the pan moments. Maybe he just really likes Lady Gaga?

As we are speculating (quite a bit) and because we want to get to the bottom of this, we’ll try and track down whoever handles the man’s PR and report back.

More to follow.