Riton Interview Part 2: Battle Weapons & beyond…

Riton’s tracks have been on Beats of Rage playlists since the beginning. From Riton’s own rerub of his early track Angerman to this total tuneski from 2007/2008:

He’s moved with the times, much like BOR, and remains one of our favourites – so we’re extremely glad he’s coming up to Preston next weekend. In the second half of this exclusive interview, Mike off of Skiddle who also happens to be our resident Bail, grills Henry ‘Riton’ Smithson about 909s, Carte Blanche and raving all over the world…

Read the first half of this interview on Skiddle.com

Last year’s Can’t Stop The Clock set with live 909 elements, immortalised on video at the Boiler Room Paris, was an exciting addition to a traditional DJ set. Any plans to take this kind of thing back out on the road again?

I’d love to do it again. The only problem is I went through three 909s during the tour – it was heart stopping the pressure of it all – I think I’ll find a solution and make a new set for next summer.

You’ve put quite a few releases out for free now (which our lean wallets are grateful for!), is this something you think matches modern music consumption? It seems to be a trend that is growing, (with Bono even jumping on it), is this where you think the future lies?

It’s just how it kind of is now – I’d obviously love to get paid for all the work I do – but for the remixes and stuff I do in soundcloud it’s just a fast fun way to put out material.

Get Riton’s Battle Weapons series for free here:

You regularly play at some of the biggest dance music stages in the world, but is there something you particularly enjoy about playing smaller rave parties like this? How does your approach to DJing change in a more intimate setting?

They’re  all fun and to be honest I don’t really make huge differences in my sets for any location – if the music’s good and the crowd is right then it always goes off.

Riton with THE GASLAMP KILLER at Melt! Festival 2012

Riton with THE GASLAMP KILLER at Melt! Festival 2012

Carte Blanche tracks (Gare Du Nord & Jack On The Moon particularly) still get a heavy rotation at Beats of Rage, do you find yourself coming back to this music in your own sets?

I always play that track (Gare Du Nord) – and I always want to play my own jams – I’d love to just play my own tracks – I need to get on doing that I reckon!

You’ve been all over the USA recently, and your new release is out on Skrillex’s new Nest imprint (part of the OWSLA fam). What are your thoughts on the re-Americanization of dance music these days (see “EDM”)? Or do you feel this is a generalization that lazy music journos like us need to stop rolling out?

I dunno, it doesn’t seem to made any difference to the places I play over here – maybe it’s made it a bit tougher due to the commercialisation – people either want massive raves or super underground – the middle cooler stuff that would still get 1000 people coming isn’t there so much any more.

And finally, you release regular charts via sites like Beatport & Juno Download, but what’s the number one track in your sets this month?

I’m always happy when a new Randomer track comes out – but I think the new Floorplan – Never Grow Old is my bomb.

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