Snooker champ Steve Davis loves techno

Techno heads rejoice. Ex snooker world number one Steve Davis has joined our ranks, and he bloody loves the stuff.

As well as landing a DJ slot next year’s Bloc alongside the likes of Jeff Mills, Ben Klock and Carl Craig, the former champ has opened up about his new found love for all things techno.

Speaking to The Thin Air, Steve revealed the decisive tune that confirmed it his passion after stumbling across the infamous Hard Wax record store in Berlin.

“While most of the vinyl was unknown to me at the time, a member of staff recommended ‘Breaking The Frame’ by Surgeon,” he said.

“While I much prefer the ‘less obvious’, less ‘banging stuff’, I was smitten with Surgeon. I think this was my gateway into appreciation of some quality techno stuff and, by chance, he agreed to come on IAS [Steve’s weekly slot on Phoenix FM] and do a ‘special’.

“I upload the shows to Mixcloud and the Surgeon special show has become our most streamed show.”

Add that to your list of ‘ridiculous but stupid awesome things you need to listen to today’ list.

2015-07-20 Surgeon by Interesting Alternative Show on Mixcloud

The legendary South London techno mecca Canavans Peckham Pool Club should definitely try and get him booked, just saying.

See you at Bloc, Steve!

Image: Wikicommons